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P: international markets continue to divide

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  East international phosphate fertilizer market, still divided is bounded in the western hemisphere.Old world still have the purchasing requisition, Pakistan and India this year to purchase 2.5 million tons of ammonium phosphate.Pakistan Fauji in the tender offer and received in the India market of silence has not narrowed, the east, the price of the western hemisphere differentiation spot price and the market continues to pick up.

  A lot of news that Chinese Fauji company in Pakistan in the tender offer fob only the equivalent of $330 or less, it a week ago and bulk purchases of diammonium Pakistan $340 cif has certain gap.Australia also participated in the Pakistan Fauji bidding.Pakistan for the second half of September shipment, but the overall supply relatively nervous time manufacturers.

  India market calm, on August 18, the only activity is RCF bidding two batches of 20000 metric tons of low content of diammonium and ammonium, received 11 bids, and almost all goods from China.India's statistics show that the country's port inventories continue to increase, has been increased to 500000 tons.

  The spot market supply is limited, the port of New Orleans ammonium phosphate prices continue to rebound, F.O.B. barge clinch a deal have to ~ $318 and $326 per ton, this is also a fourth straight upward.Said legg mason company has clinch a deal the eight group of diammonium and 2 group of granular ammonium orders, this formed the foundation of the higher price, barge diammonium offshore quotation has been raised to $330, a price quote fob ammonium $340.

  Morocco OCP orders shipped to the United States on the fourth ship of 60000 tons of contract, is expected to supply the support effect of tension on the price can be reduced.

  Latin America phosphate fertilizer prices also stabilize somewhat, Brazil 11-52 new ammonium single clinch a deal the cif price of about $350.Some importers say 11-52 content ammonium a supply source of tension.Cif European chemical companies to $350 in exports to Brazil for two ship diammonium and ammonium.Campaign freighter will also be in the middle of September shipment of 29000 tons of ammonium PhosAgro diammonium and one to Brazil, is prior to performance has signed the order.