Can CBD Relieve Sciatica? Everything You Need To Know

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Are you experiencing persistent lower hip pain which goes down to leg? Then, you are suffering from sciatica pain. It is very uncomfortable and hinders our daily work. Most of the patients who experience such bout of pain depend on painkillers or even natural home remedies.

Since sciatica is mostly a lifestyle disease and can happen at any time of the day, usually patients carry painkillers while commuting. Doctor may also recommend steroids and other prescription drugs. Usually, these medicines need to be taken daily. Recently, CBD oil has become popular due to its desirable effects on sciatica pain. Let us look into the detailed study of sciatica and its effectiveness with CBD oil.

Understanding sciatica

Sciatica is a nerve pain which radiates through the sciatic nerve. This nerve starts in the lower hip area and goes down to legs. As it runs through the hips and thighs people also experience extreme pain in those regions. Generally, it is triggered by herniated lower disc or a hinged bone affecting the spine.

Both these conditions suppress the nerve, hence the pain. After certain period of time, the nerve and the adjacent area becomes inflamed. During those times you will have difficulty in movements and even carrying things.

Few medical professionals have also published that sciatica pain can also be caused by certain bad lifestyle choices. Prolonged period of sitting at one place, hunched back, not taking calcium and vitamin D supplements can also give rise to this disease.

Usage of CBD oil for Sciatica

The best natural way to control this pain is to keep an optimum body weight and usage of CBD vape juice. You can take the CBD vape every day at controlled dosage. Common medical treatments like painkillers and steroid injections should be avoided during the first stage.

Over the counter CBD is purely safe and is mostly bio chemically extracted from industrial hemp. The cannabinoids present in the solution has calming effect on the nerves. Not only this is non habit forming but also it can be an innovative home remedy to solve your problem.

Working mechanism of CBD on pain

The foremost part of solving sciatica pain is to reduce the pain, thereby stopping it completely. Medical journals have published that cannabinoids present in CBD triggers the nerve receptors to calm down. The chemical exchange within the nerves comes down to normal pace which helps regulate pain.

Thus, it provides a successful and most preferred alternative to pain killers. Additionally, CBD has active chemical composition and are of slow release. This means it has got a synergistic effect on the sciatica nerve. However, in order to get relieved from pain you need to take the required dosages, as per the body weight.

CBD and effect on inflammation

CBD is power packed with endocannabinoids which is a sub-division of cannabinoids. This compound has got natural and potent anti-inflammatory effects on both the nerves and surrounding areas.

You have to check the percentage of endocannabinoids present in the vape oil, while purchasing the product. It is suggested to increase the percentage of dosage gradually.